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Hooded blanket Orange Fruit
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Hooded blanket Orange Fruit


The fall hooded blanket is an outfit specially designed for your cocooning moments. This beautiful meeting between a plaid and a hoodie is most appreciated. Extra large and unisex, this hooded blanket is suitable for everyone. It is just essential for the coziest of moments.

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Hooded blanket Orange Fruit: Perfect for the Home

These Hooded blanket Orange Fruit are perfect for those cozy moments at home. It’s a combination of a blanket and a hoodie, an incredible and cosy invention that will revolutionise the quiet Sundays spent at home. With its soft and fluffy inner lining, you’ll feel like you’re wrapped in a real blanket. The hood is also lined for even more comfort and softness. The blanket hoodie is one size fits all and is very loose fitting for both men and women

A warm blanket sweater for fall lovers

Offered in warm shades, this fall hooded blanket is an invitation to cocoon. Its warm prints and colors remind us of this delightful season that is halfway between summer and winter, which adds a particularly pleasant tone to this hooded blanket. Note that the hooded sweater is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. So you can enjoy an autumn evening on the terrace in peace, as you can watch the landscape from the window of your living room, being wrapped in softness. This beautiful hooded blanket has all the qualities we are looking for whether it is to please ourselves, or to offer ☺

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All Hooded blankets are designed to be soft and warm. Made with flannel fleece on the outside and Sherpa fleece on the inside, the combination of materials will make you feel like you’re wrapped up in a soft duvet! Perfect for your chill days 😋

High Quality and made to last, we place great importance on the quality of the products, to keep them beautiful, soft, warm and comfortable. Whether you want to give it as a gift or keep it for yourself, Hoodie Bear Hooded blankets will stay with you for many years 😉

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Of course, our products have even been designed for that! What could be better than to give or receive such a wonderful gift, and what’s more, you have very little chance that it won’t be liked. Who hasn’t dreamt of a warm and soft blanket that follows you everywhere? 

Unfortunately not, our high quality products are only available on our website https://hoodie-bear.com. Therefore, they are not available in traditional shops.    

It’s very simple! Just put it in the washing machine at low temperature and it’s done. 😎

Nothing obliges you to do so, I can only guarantee a high level of quality, really cute unique designs and ultimate comfort! If you don’t like high quality and very comfortable products, no worries 😉