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Soft, thick, warm, cosy, comfortable, fun, original…these are just some of the adjectives that describe our Hoodie Bear kids’ hooded blanket. Better than a sweater or a simple blanket, the blanket hoodie is a real anti-cold protection. Ample and oversized, it actually offers the same warmth as a thick blanket.

If you haven’t yet experienced the comfort of a blanket with hood, we have just the thing for you. Our collection of hooded blankets with sleeves is large and complete. Plain or patterned, we have several models available. Whether it’s a patterned snuggle blanket, a light coloured blanket hoodie or one with colourful animal prints, you’ll find the one that your child will love!

What does a Hoodie Bear plaid jumper for children look like?

Have you seen the hooded blanket for adults? Well, you should know that the kidssnuggle blanket is very similar, except that it is suitable for smaller children. In fact, you can find something on our site to match you and your kid with an identical Hoodie Bear hooded blanket.

The snuggle blanket has a loose design. It has a hood to cover the head and two long sleeves to cover the arms. The sleeves are tightened at the wrists so that they do not hang down if they are too long.

What are the characteristics of a child’s plaid jumper?

The Hoodie Bear hooded blanket for kids has several features:

It has been specially designed to escape the cold with its thick, soft and cushy inner lining.
It has a hood to protect your face and provide extra warmth.
It has two long sleeves that close at the wrists. The puffed sleeves keep you warm.
It has a large front pocket where you can keep small items such as your child’s favourite soft toy.
The kids hooded blanket is suitable for both boys and girls.
It is loose and extra wide, oversized so that everyone feels comfortable when wearing it!
The material is soft and pleasant to the touch, both on the outside and the inner lining.
Several models are available in our collection. We offer original and trendy Hoodie Bears such as the colourful blanket hoodie and animal hooded blanket.

Why give your child a Hoodie Bear hooded blanket?

The Hoodie Bear blanket hoodie offers unique protection against the cold for your kids. It has good coverage, which keeps them warm. In addition, it is soft and comfortable, just like a blanket. The blanket with sleeves is ideal to wear on winter mornings, when your little one gets out of bed, to cover him and keep him warm. It is also essential in the afternoon for a restful, soft and comfortable nap. Finally, the snuggie blanket will always be useful on autumn and winter evenings, whether it’s to play a game or watch a film with the family. It’s the perfect outfit for wandering around the house, between the bedroom and the living room!

How do I wash a kids hooded blanket?

Don’t panic if the snuggle blanket is stained. You can clean it in the washing machine, always at a low temperature. So care is quick and easy!

Which model to choose?

There are many models available in our collection of hooded blanket for kids! First of all, there are the simplest and most discreet models: they are available in various shades of blue and pink or in purple, red, beige or black. These products are suitable for both boys and girls.

Then there are the more magical designs, with rainbows and stars. These Hoodie Bear hoodies blankets are perfect for colourful kids or for little girls.

Finally, there are several blanket hoodies with colourful and original designs. Choose the one that will make your child fall in love. The prints chosen are really adorable and trendy: strawberries, lemons, ice cream, sushi, ice cream, watermelon or even zebra or panther prints… Don’t forget that you can also choose a hooded blanket that matches yours, as the same models are available in adult sizes! The animal hooded blanket are the favorites of our collection!

Gift idea

Want to give something useful for your nephew or niece? The Hoodie Bear fleece is definitely a good gift idea. Each model is unique and you are bound to find the animals that the little girl or boy will like among the sleeping cubs, the elephants or the playful cats.