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When it’s cold, you probably have a lot of sweatshirts that you like to use. Remember those freezing early mornings when you can’t get your toes out of bed or those evenings when you’re watching your favourite show but you’re cold? You probably have an old blanket that you use as an extra blanket but it doesn’t warm you up enough. We have just the thing for you: The Hoodie bear hooded blanket for adults!
It will revolutionize your everyday life!

Hoodie bear hooded blanket for adults: what is it?

It’s simply the ingenious blending of a hooded sweater and a blanket, as its name suggests. The hooded blanket for adults can function as both a sweater and blanket. It’s large and roomy to be as comfortable as a blanket. It consists of long sleeves in which you can slide your arms to feel at ease and keep all your mobility, just like in a sweater. The sherpa hooded blanket is soft and warm, which makes you feel comfortable!

Here are all the characteristics of the giant hooded blanket:

To keep you warm and comfortable, the hoodie bear blanket hoodie is lined with a soft and fluffy sherpa fleece.
The hood is big enough to cover yourself, and offers all the space you need while still having some freedom of movement.
It has a huge pocket that makes it the perfect place to store things like your smartphone, tissues or your favourite packets of cake. For women or for men, the Hoodie Bear hooded blanket is suitable for everyone. Its ample and XXL size fits all body types, so its one size fits all! 

The Sherpa material is pleasant to the touch and ultra comfortable. You won’t be able to leave it!
At the wrists, the sleeves are tightened for more comfort.
Many models more original than the others. Hoodies bear with unique and trendy designs such as animal hooded blanket, cat hooded blanket, or fun and colourful blanket hoodie.

Hoodie Bear hooded: what are all its advantages?

The Hoodie Bear hooded blanket has many advantages! In our opinion, it combines all the good points of the sweater and the blanket, without their disadvantages. First of all, the hooded blanket for women or men won’t drag on the floor when you move from the sofa to the kitchen. Also, thanks to its loose design, you can sit on the sofa and fold your legs under your jumper like a blanket. Similarly, the giant hooded blanket, with its two long sleeves, allows you to keep your mobility without exposing your arms. Finally, it can also be used to keep your precious objects in its large central pocket. No need to rummage through the folds of your blanket to find what you are looking for!

How to use your hooded blanket for adults?

It is ideal to put on on Sundays when you are going to spend a quiet day at home. For the whole cold season, it will be your best ally during your evenings spent at home. Whether it’s to be warm in front of your current series or with a book in your hand, use your blanket hoodie without moderation. In the morning, when you get out of bed, it can also be a great way to keep warm before you start your day in your work clothes. The Hoodie Bear hooded blanket can be pulled on like a jumper, you can slip your hands into the pocket and put the hood over your head for a nap or to keep you warm like a cosy cocoon!

How to wash the hooded blanket?

The hooded blanket is machine washable at low temperature. It is therefore very easy and quick to clean!

How to choose your hooded blanket?

There are all kinds of Hoodie Bear hoodies blankets in our collection. The most classic are models with a plain colour. Then there are the original models with patterns and colours: dots, stripes, zebra or panther patterns… If you want a really fun Hoodie Bear hoodie blanket, choose a product from our range of fantasy and animal hooded blankets. They all have trendy prints of cats, fruit, sushi, teddy bears, ice cream, strawberries and elephants. Only cute animals and patterns for even more sweetness! Finally, maybe it’s the unicorn hooded blanket that will make you fall in love! Once again, take a look at our range and choose your favourite hooded blanket. You can also choose a Hoodie Bear hoodie blanket as a gift, it’s a great gift idea for the holidays.